Our Mission is to always provide you with options, answers, and affordability 



Daschofsky Insurance Services was founded in 1986 in Gatesville, Texas. Our principal agents, Fred and Lisa Daschofsky, have built a reputation for loyalty and integrity in an industry agency that is ever-changing to meet the need of its customers.

Our approach is to build a relationship with customers so that we understand how your business works. You will also deal with the same expert each time you have a need or a question. Once we understand your particular circumstances, we search for the right plan at the right price that meets your needs. We are vigilant in finding new opportunities to save our customers money. You won’t hear from us only when it is time to renew your policy.

We represent major insurance carriers who draw from a multitude of providers to give you the most options on specific plans and rates. First Care, Scott & White Health Plan, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, and other insurers are available to you when you use our services.

Our mission is to always provide you with options, answers, and affordability. We give you the most cost-effective and sensible options that allow you to make the best decisions for your company and your employees. Daschofsky Insurance Service is ready to serve you whether you have a few employees or 200 employees.


Our team has the expertise to avoid the pitfalls of group health insurance plans and provide unparalleled service. We save you time and money by doing the shopping for you. Hand us the time-consuming task of researching the best rates and plans. Free up your time and money for better things.

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Lisa Moore Daschofsky

Fred Daschofsky


We offer group health insurance coverage with the following major carriers

We want to save you time and money while providing you with an expert level of service.

Let us find you the best rates and multiple options that are a good fit for your company’s group health insurance needs.

Hand the frustration over to us to free up your time and money for better things.

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