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We make Medicare Simple

Lisa Daschofsky has 30+ years’ experience with Medicare insurance. Her specialty is being able to simplify the complexity of the Medicare market and the 100’s of choices you can have.  She specializes in interviewing her clients and finding the program that fits their needs best and is also the most affordable. She studies the products relentlessly. She represents over thirty insurance companies and takes over twenty-five tests per year to keep her skills sharp and current, which gives her the ability to shop the best coverages and prices for you.


Medicare doesn’t cover all your Medicare costs.  You could be responsible for paying deductibles and coinsurances for inpatient hospital care and doctor’s visits.  If your doctor doesn’t accept Medicare assignments, you could be responsible for paying excess charges.  Certain health plans limit you to a network of doctors and hospitals.  Lisa can help you understand the difference.


She can help you understand the difference between Medigap policies and Medicare Advantage policies, between your initial enrollment period (IEP), annual enrollment (AEP), and a special enrollment period (SEP).


There are -0- premium plans available in certain markets.  Dental, hearing and vision plans can be available with either Medigap or Medicare Advantage plans.  Some plans can also include an -the-counter drug benefit, routine transportation, and meal delivery.


 Call her to set up a phone, zoom, or in-person meeting

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